How Azrieli Group smooved its customer club base with thousands of new customers

How Azrieli Group smooved its customer club base with thousands of new customers

The digital distribution of discount coupons to Sia’s concert – the Azrieli Group Case Study


The Smoove automation system is up and running featuring many marketing activities that up until recently required time and resources from marketing managers. Quite a few campaigns are already active gaining more goals in less time, but just as in any honorable students class, there is always one that exceeds all.

Such is the case with The Azrieli Group that managed to renew and strengthen its relationship with 3000 customers in less than one month, thanks to Smoove.



The Azrieli Group has been active for the past 30 years developing, building, and running shopping centers and office buildings. Today, the Azrieli Group is the owner and manager of 15 shopping centers, and it is considered to be the largest most profitable real estate company in Israel.

Three weeks prior to the concert date of singer Sia, who performed on August 11th in Tel Aviv, the Azrieli Group offered its new and existing customers an 80 NIS discount to Sia’s concert via a text message with a singular coupon code. The main objective was to strengthen the relationship with its existing customers as well as grow the number of its customer club members, while receiving new information from the customer for segmentation and customization.


Description of the need:

The Azrieli Group faced two main challenges: marketing and technical.


The Marketing need:

The customer wanted its customers to enjoy the discount without having to go through a cumbersome process with customer care representatives, or kiosks at the shopping centers, and to shorten the time it takes to purchase a ticket once the coupon is received.


The technical need:

The submission of a singular coupon code without the need to manually enter it or to hire the services of a programmer (which requires time and resources).


The Solution

The creation of an automated process that includes triggers and actions through Smoove along with an integration with Google Sheets.


The Process

The process began with a landing page on Facebook, a google campaign, and banners in leading news websites that directed to the landing page.

Other than the basic registration details that were required, the Azrieli Group also included a customized field of “favorite Azrieli shopping mall”, in order to deliver more relevant promotions and sales in the future (segmentation and customization).

The customer was then directed to a Thank You page that informed the customer that a text message with the coupon code will be sent in a few seconds. The conclusion of the registration acted as a trigger to the progression of the process behind the scenes inside the system.

This is where the technical solution came to play:

We implemented a block called Zapier inside Smoove. Zapier enables the integration of more than 750 external apps and systems to any automated process within Smoove, such as Facebook, Google, V.I. Plus and many more. Similarly to Smoove, the integration between the system is configured through actions and triggers.

Back to the Azrieli Group, once the registration on the landing page was concluded a trigger was sent to Zapier, to extract the coupon code from Google Sheets, and embed it into a customized field within Smoove.

This simple process saved hours of work and the high cost of development required has it not been to Zapier, since the alternative to allocating coupon codes directly from Google Sheets, was the development of a dedicated system that allocates singular codes and disposes them once used.

Following this process a text message with the coupon code was sent to the customer.
The message featured a link to the ticketing office’s website where the customer could use the coupon without the need to speak to a customer service representative.

A customer that received the code but failed to use it received an automatic message several days later with the following message:

“Dear David,
You have yet to use your coupon code to the concert of the year – Sia in Israel! There is a limited  number of tickets. Keep on Rocking! Azrieli shopping centers.
To unsubscribe please click here. “


The full process within the system:

The full process within the system


The result:

3000 renewed or strengthen customer relationships (and Sia fans) in less than one month for the Azrieli Group.

Beyond this data, the Azrieli Group gained additional advantages:

  • Shorter purchase time (less than 5 minutes)
  • Customer loyalty and strengthening positive image.
  • Data – the customers provided details to be used in the future for personalized and relevant marketing efforts.
  • Manpower savings – The automated process did not require any manpower accept for the person who initially created the process.
  • Upgrading the quality of the digital distribution process.

According to Ran Rolinzky, the digital marketing manager of Azriely shopping centers: “the entire campaign was amazing, both in terms of ticket sales and marketing impact, as well as for the Sia brand. This can be labeled as success”.

Haim Balila
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