Coca Cola case study : course enrollment organizational process

Coca Cola case study : course enrollment organizational process

No matter how many times one raves about the amazing performance capabilities of a new 4X4 vehicle, the only thing that may convince you is a test drive.

The bottom line is – Experience brings Wisdom, especially when trying out a new system.

Hence, this time we would like to present you with the case study of Coca Cola Co., which “test drove” Smoove’s automation system, and came back with hunger for more. This test drive actually taught us about an additional work option that is available with Smoove.

Coca Cola’s case study is an excellent example of how the Smoove automated system can turn an internal organizational process into a more efficient one. We are thrilled to share it with you:


Mifgashim college is an internal institution where professional courses for Coca Cola’s employees take place. The college teaches such courses as management and technological literacy (MS Office and so forth).


The Challenge

Prior to working with Smoove the registration process was managed through interpersonal media (emails, registration forms, excel files) that was generated by the human resource managers and aimed at the employees that attended the various courses.  However, the management of many professional courses each year, with many subsidiaries, required vast administrative efforts and the use of manpower.

Thus, a need for an automatic solution that will encompass the entire registration process and automatically perform the repeated tasks for each course registration, arose.

The Solution

The creation of an automatic registration process through Smoove’s automation system.  


The Process

The process begins once the recruiters of each unit mail out an enrollment form to all relevant employees.

The employee then fills out his / her employee number, which acts as the trigger for the entire process. The employee can then access the list of the course participants, while simultaneously receiving a text message with the course details, time and date.

A day before the course starts the employee receives a text message with a link to the syllabus of the course as well as a Waze button that will navigate to the location of the course.

The day following the conclusion of the course a feedback form is sent to each attendee via text.

The objective of the feedback is to first get the participant’s opinion, as well as to receive an indication whether the employee attended the course, or not. If the employee indicates that he / she did not attend – then the process stops there.

If the employee did attend the course, a message is sent to her manager, notifying him that that the employee took the course. Moreover, an email is sent to the employee, thanking him / her for their participation, along with additional literature that summarises the course.


The Results

User experience: throughout the process the employee feels that there is a trustworthy source behind the process to lead him / her and provide the required information at the right time, without any effort on his / her part.

Time and manpower savings: the process frees the professional managers and the recruiters from following up on the registration process and managing the mailings that are now provided by the automation system.

Close monitoring: all the data is located at one place and at any given moment one can access the system in order to get a clear picture of the current status, the number of enrolled employees, course dates etc.


The bottom line

Once again our smart automation system proves that it is highly diverse and that those who study its abilities, will know how to utilize it in order to automate inter organizational processes that are currently achieved manually.  The idea is to identify the repeated actions, where an interpersonal communication takes place, through emails and text messages, and ask yourself (and us) whether you really need to continue and do it manually, and what kind of solution can the automated?


So, which process would you like to switch to the automatic route?


We will be glad to help you out.

Smoove team.

Haim Balila
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