Smoove and Cardcom expand their partnership!

Smoove and Cardcom expand their partnership!

Sometimes a product purchase page acts as a landing page, where the product is available to buy via a credit card payment system such as Cardcom, with which we partnered.

We are thrilled to announce a new integration between smoove and Cardcom.

From this day forward every smoove and Cardcom customer can:

  • Crosscheck with ease Cardcom’s fields with smoove’s (purchase date, product, contact info and so forth).
  • Transfer a customer’s mailing address to a dedicated contact database within smoove.
  • Track abandoned carts through the Cardcom payment page.

Any such client will be transferred to the smoove’s contact list (As long as the customer entered his/her contact info).


How exactly does this benefit you?

First and foremost this integration improves the accuracy of your segmentation and contact lists management.

Other than saving you precious time, this new integration will also significantly improve the conversion rate as well as assist you with providing a more targeted message in future campaigns.

In addition, whether your customer encounters your Cardcom page through the homepage or a Whatsapp group, any purchase will automatically transfer the data to smoove’s automation system.

If you’ve already heard about smoove you probably know that this is where the fun begins.

“Pushing” the data into the automation system will act as a trigger that will launch an entire automatic process: a customer that abandoned his cart will receive a follow up email to encourage him to complete the purchase: a new deal, form filling assistance, or perhaps a notification to the sales team to contact him personally.

A customer that made a purchase can be an excellent trigger for automatically launching an “Up Sales” with suggestions for complementing products.


The bottom line

As  a rule, 20 percent of your customers are responsible for 80 percent of your business’ revenu, thus nurturing existing customer and customer loyalty is as important as developing new leads. The new integration between the Cardcom credit card payment system and the smoove mailing and automation system will increase such loyalty.

The automatic timing of emails to customers, who purchased through Cardcom, will ensure relevancy and a continued relationship with any buyer, who made a purchase or even just begun to make one. The systems fields crosscheck will improve data collection, and most importantly, will save you precious time.

Haim Balila
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