Three automation tools that will make your life MUCH easier

Marketing automation platforms nowadays offer numerous different tools and solutions to make your life easier, and not only when speaking of automation itself. Along with the growing number of social media users and smartphone owners, the process of automation has had to change.

In short, marketing automation in 2018 is not only about designing and launching your campaign, but it’s also about multi-channeling and integrating your campaign with various apps, devices, and social media pages.

To save your time and money and make your automation as effective as possible, consider employing these simple automation and integration tools:


Smoove, the all-in-one automation platform, is a very effective and simple marketing boosting tool. It is specially designed to speed up your marketing processes and expand the reach of your marketing efforts but also to better manage your resources and increase the team’s productivity. With smoove’s help, you will get access to insightful customer data, generate more leads and ensure your workflow efficiency, while both saving time and money.

The platform offers four main marketing solutions: marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, and landing page solutions. It is easy to set up and run, but if you’re still wondering how to do it the right way, take a minute or two of your time and find out how to easily implement smoove in your marketing.

Smoove’s mobile campaigns can be integrated with its SMS messaging options and lead your customers directly to your mobile landing page. Moreover, smoove enables you to automatically send your customer data from within landing pages to your CRM platform.

smoove dashboardsmoove dashboard

To save even more of your time and money, smoove also implemented a Zapier block inside its platform. This option allows you to integrate any of your other systems and apps into any automatic process that you may create.


Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together. It’s an online automation tool that connects apps such as Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, MailChimp, and over 1,000 more.

Described as a ‘glue that connects more than 1000 apps’, Zapier is made of workflows named Zaps which connect your apps so they can work together.

Every Zap starts with a trigger (an action in one of your apps) which kicks off your workflow. One of the great things about Zapier is that its automated tasks work silently in the background so you can focus on more important work.

Zapier is an online automation tool anyone can use to build their workflows with just a few clicks. This means you can now connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks without hiring a developer to build the integration.

If you’re still wondering how it actually works, here are some examples; With Zapier, you can connect your Google Calendar events with Slack. That way, your team will never miss something important. You can connect your Gmail account with Dropbox and save all the attachments you get in your email to it.

This platform is a great way to speed up your working processes and put the boring, repetitive work on autopilot!


IFTTT is another great app which helps you to easily integrate your apps and your devices. Its ecosystem enables you to automatically connect over 600 different services. These include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, Nest, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa and more.

Similar to Zapier, IFTTT also has workflows named Applets – a specific tasks done after you connect your services and which can’t usually be done by the apps themselves. For instance, with an Applet, you can use the Google Assistant to create events in your iPhone Calendar. Or sync Amazon Alexa to-dos with your Google Calendar. You can also automatically turn your Hue lights when you come close to home. Or back up your tagged photos from Facebook to the iOS Photos.

IFTTT, which literally means ‘if this, then that’, also enables you to gain valuable insights into how and why people connect their apps. This way you can design a more targeted approach and shape your offers according to your customer’s needs.

Wrap Up

Automated work management has become an integral part of doing business. That includes marketing automation, customer relationship management, project management and more. Automation saves our money and time. Moreover – it ‘collects’ the valuable and insightful data. It can help us improve each and every step of our working process.

Automating our marketing campaigns now also requires multi-channeling and integrating it with different apps, devices, and social media. To be sure you’re doing this right use a simple and effective marketing automation platform. With smoove you can integrate your campaigns with other apps via innovative online platforms such as Zapier and IFTTT.

The future (of business) is now, so make sure you’re up with it!

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