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Marketers understand the fact that marketing automation revolutionized the way businesses do digital marketing. Today, top performing businesses of all the sizes implement marketing automation. They do it to increase revenue, improve customer experience and to track and improve their marketing activities in general.

Recently published statistics revealed that 67% of market leaders use automated tools and solutions for their marketing. Also, according to another research in the field, 4 out of 5 marketing automation users experienced an increase in business leads, and almost as many (77%) saw an increase in conversions.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of marketing automation is that it saves time. What used to take hours to set and run, now takes minutes. Marketers no longer need to deal with repetitive and time-consuming marketing tasks. Instead, they can focus on the creative and problem-solving aspects of their work.

So, increasing your revenue while saving time and money?! No wonder that we never heard a business owner or a marketer complaining to this one.

These numerous benefits of marketing automation led to the invention and expansion of online marketing automation platforms. These are advanced software built to increase the efficiency of different digital marketing campaigns.

Automating your marketing with smoove

Marketing automation platforms are implemented to achieve various business objectives, but also to monitor your marketing efforts – automatically.

Smoove, the all-in-one marketing automation platform, is specially designed for marketers who need a simple marketing-boosting tool. It speeds up your sales and marketing processes and increases the team’s productivity. But, it also helps you expand the reach of your marketing efforts more effectively and to better manage your resources.

In addition to this, smoove has some special advantages, especially in terms of implementation, integration, and visualization of your customer journey.

So, let’s take a closer look at what is so great in automating your marketing with smoove:

It’s easy to implement

smoove is easy to handle and understand even if you’re not that tech-savvy. Our automation platform is designed for every marketer, regardless of the industry, size of the business and the years of its professional experience in marketing.
Along with shortcuts for all the tools and solutions we offer, Smoove’s dashboard includes the ‘Walkthrough’ guides and comprehensive ‘Step by Step’ tutorials for each and every automation tool available.

When it comes to actually setting up the specific marketing campaign, we offer various templates and simplified web forms for emails, newsletters, and landing pages. This means you can launch your campaign in just a few minutes and without the help of a professional designer and/or a coder.

It simplifies the visualization of your customer journey

Smoove allows you to test, track and visualize your customers’ journey down the sales funnel more easily and effectively. Our automation tools and features analyze and visualize the campaigns and the marketing processes so that you can drive more engagement and conversion and find out what really works for your business.
Our A/B testing tool is designed to set up and test two different versions of your campaign digital asset so that you can continually test and implement the smartest choice.

Also, smoove’s workflow management tool allows you to set the sequence of your campaign and visualize the flow of the campaign from engaging the leads to converting them into customers. With smoove, you can create a truly insightful automation journey with real-time and live view analytics.

Smoove’s analytics and its real-time updates enable you to discover how your campaign is performing so you can easily adjust your strategy as you go.

It makes customer targeting a priority

Without segmenting and targeting your audience, your campaign can easily go the wrong way. That is exactly the reason why smoove pays special attention to targeting your campaign-specific audience.

With our segmentation tool, you can slice and dice your customer’s database into as many segments as you like and target your customers with the most relevant and personalized content.

Also, smoove’s live data metrics enables you to see how many leads are moving through your automation workflow which helps you maximize their engagement and discover potential weak points of your campaign.

It makes multi-channeling and integration easier than ever

Different marketing automation platforms offer different automation tools and solutions, but with the rise of social media and smartphone usage, some things have significantly changed. Nowadays, automation is also about multi-channeling your marketing campaign, integrating it with various apps and tools, and optimizing it to look equally good an all devices.

Smoove enables you to easily launch mobile campaigns and reach your customers on the move, even when they’re offline! Our mobile campaigns can be added to SMS messaging options so when your customers receive it they can click directly to your mobile landing page and complete your form in less than a minute.

With smoove, you also have the ability to ‘fire’ your contacts from within landing pages directly to other tools such as CRM platforms.

To make things easier for its users, smoove also implemented a Zapier block inside its system which allows the integration of any of your other systems and apps into any automatic process that you may create.

It’s affordable

Comparing to other similar software, smoove marketing automation platform is quite affordable. We currently offer two plans, Lite and Professional, depending on the volume of your work and the size of your company.

The Lite plan is completely free of charge and just ideal for small business owners that want to improve their digital marketing and automate it in a simple and effective way.

Also, if you opt for an annual plan with smoove, we have some special offers for you. Smoove’s team is always available for your questions, so if in any doubt which plan to choose and how to start using smoove, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Wrap Up

Over the past years, technological advancements have changed the way businesses do marketing. The different strategies that marketers use have evolved from emails and online promotion to social media marketing and mobile advertising.

Hence, marketing automation platforms which integrate all of these have quickly become an imperative – the digital asset we have to implement in our marketing in order to stay competitive.

With smoove, the all-in-one marketing automation platform, you can go a step further and automate your marketing easier than ever.

It is very affordable and easy to implement marketing-boosting tool which simplifies the visualization of your customer journey and enables you to test your campaigns in a simple and effective way.

Moreover, smoove makes customer targeting a priority and has an advanced multi-channeling and integration options which can make your marketing campaigns really stand out and reach more of your customers.

To see how this looks in practice, sign up today and start automating your marketing with smoove!

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