How to Start Using Newsletters in Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you probably reach out to your customers via newsletters which is great but how do you know that it’s really working? Are your sales going up? Are you driving more traffic to your site? Are offering valuable content in your newsletter, and not really getting any solid feedback? Even though […]

The elements of a winning small business newsletter header

The Elements of A Winning Small Business Newsletter

The first newsletter was sent in 1978 to approximately 400 clients generating $13m in sales and despite many changes in its format over the years, they remain one of the most effective marketing tools for promoting your small business. Newsletters allow you to engage with customers and provide your customers product offers, and also valuable […]

Pitfalls to avoid when setting up a landing page header

Pitfalls to Avoid When Setting up a Landing Page

Landing pages are a great tool for small businesses looking to grow. But, as with everything else in life, they are only great if you make them great. Execute the landing page poorly, and it will bring nothing but frustration and misery. Below you will find the top four most common pitfalls small businesses make […]

How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Boost Sales header

How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Boost Sales

As a small business, are you always looking for new ways to boost your sales? While large businesses have the funds to employ extra staff and try out different solutions, you on the other hand often don’t enjoy the same luxury and have to resort to smarter tactics! In such a world, marketing automation tools […]

How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Boost Sales

How Triggered Emails Can Help You Grow Your Revenue

How can you take email marketing to the next level? You may already know that email marketing is a great way to grow your business revenue. It is cheap to use, and very effective. It improves your businesses chances of re-selling or upselling, as well as strengthening your bond with your current customers which you […]

The Reason People Hate Small Business Emails (Hint: Permission!) header

The Reason People Hate Small Business Emails (Hint: Permission!)

As a small business do you sometimes find your customers love your store, but don’t share the same love when you send your emails? Do you try and fix this by sending more emails? Do you give up and just conclude customers have some sort of online grudge against you? Fear not my friend, we […]

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How to advertise your small business and get noticed

The majority of businesses advertise online nowadays, which means the battle for attention for the average internet user is raging more than ever before. For businesses, this means that getting noticed in a sea of other businesses doing the same things, is becoming increasingly difficult. However, marketing online has grown to much, much more than […]

The Difference Between Landing Pages and Websites header

The Difference Between Landing Pages and Websites

In 2018 everyone and their dog knows that businesses need to be online if they want even the slightest chance of success. What some small businesses sometimes fret about, though, is – what form should this online presence take? It’s a solid question, because being online in 2018 isn’t as simple as it used to […]

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How to Generate an Online Conversation About your Small Business

Whether we like it or not, a large chunk of communication happens online. People turn to the internet to talk about all sorts of things, from if the Earth is flat or not, to whether your business is worth anything or not. Yes, if you are running a business, there is a good chance someone […]

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Sample emails to clients – copy paste and send

Emails are one of the most popular platforms when it comes to small businesses communicating with their customers. Nailing this form of communication is extremely important for businesses. Sometimes, however, they approach email from the wrong perspective, sending emails that end up scaring customers away, instead of tightening the bond between the two. On other […]