How smoove can help your customer retention efforts

Society is at a place of hyperconsumption, digital saturation and increased competition due to globalization. Given this fact, customer retention efforts in 2018 have to be more personalized and strategic than ever before in order to meet the new type of customer who is always hungry and connected to the next best product, even before […]

How To Win Back Lost Customers

The first step in winning back a lost customer is knowing how to define a lost customer. Most companies, especially those who operate online, define a lost customer as one who hasn’t interacted with the site or service in a given time period. It’s important to keep an eye on customer churn rate because it’s […]

How to engage your customers and stay on top of their mind

Businesses must evolve and adapt to changing customer expectations. One of the most powerful attributes of technology is that companies now can engage buyers in every phase of the purchase process. Marketing automation platforms make this task much easier, but we should never forget that every meaningful communication in this process requires a human touch […]

Deadly mistakes SMBs make that cause customer churn

Customer churn is not only a loss of clients or customers, but also their associated recurring revenue. This is one of the biggest problems companies face today. Losing existing customers also means spending more money on the acquisition of new ones, which altogether costs you money and time This happens mainly because marketers lack in […]

How to get your customers to open your emails

Successful marketing revolves around having the right message reach the right target audience. One way of doing it, is by sending emails to that audience. But how many of your customers actually read it? Getting a respectable open rate is the one of the most common marketing goals companies are striving for. According to a […]

How SMBs can improve their customer’s experience

Along with the development of new technologies and the many changes they brought to the buying process, your customer expectations changed as well. People expect something new and different and even if your customer experience was good before, that doesn’t mean they will be satisfied with the same experience in future. Also, the marketplace is […]

Are you GDPR ready?

GDPR… so why is it so important all of a sudden? The European Union (EU) ratified the GDPR during April 2016 and provided the market two years to get ready before enforcing the regulation. As you can clearly see, these two years are behind us and the enforcement will begin on May 25th, 2018. At […]

How to Turn Your Customers’ Birthdays and Special Events into a Retention Opportunity

  There are many ways to turn an ordinary day into a special event, and then utilize it for your retention strategy. For starters, everyone has a birthday, and you can celebrate the day for your business’ advantage. A report by Experian found that when compared to mass-promotional emails, birthday and anniversary messages were opened […]

How to Maintain Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Landscape

In a saturated retail landscape, it quite literally pays to stand out and build strong relationships with your customers to develop and maintain customer loyalty. When your products and prices are on par with the rest of your competition, what tools can you use to set yourself apart? 1. Your Brand: It’s A Story With […]

Digital marketing solutions that’ll help you retain customers

The ability to convert a customer more than once while only paying a single acquisition cost is a crucial aspect to maintaining a successful business, and it’s made possible with retention marketing and digital marketing solutions. The use of digital technology tools such as automation, remarketing and personalised emails, help marketers reach their target audience […]