Online marketing tactics for SMBs any marketer must know

With over 4 billion people connected to the internet, online marketing solutions offer an easy and measurable method to reach the masses and grow your small business. Regardless of the tactics that you choose to employ, online marketing comes down to developing a robust strategy, remaining consistent, and measuring what does and doesn’t work through […]

How to leverage your customer’s smartphone to your advantage

For the past several years there has been strong growth in mobile marketing, and in 2018 this trend will continue. Probably the best thing about mobile marketing is its omnipresence – you can reach your customers at any time, at any place. Still, in times of information overload, marketers need to be careful and approach […]

How to set up a mobile customer retention campaign using smoove

Customer retention comes down to proper communication and consistent satisfaction. While there are many methods to reach out to your clientele, from email marketing to social media and more, SMS text messaging offers a low-cost alternative with the highest open rates of any marketing alternative. Once you receive an opt-in from your customers, the phone […]

How to set up an email customer retention campaign using smoove

The success of an email marketing campaign for retention relies on more than just the content. With over 144 billion emails sent a day, how can you ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? While there is something true in the old cliche “content is king,” strategy is necessary to engage your […]

How to provide better digital customer service

In the age of customer experience, buyers no longer just compare your products to those of your competitors – they now also compare the experiences and the support they receive throughout the buying process. Therefore, adopting different digital channels to reach today’s customers serve as a key driver to digital customer service success. This means […]

The feedback you should always be asking your clients for

Successful companies out there regularly collect and analyze the feedback they receive from their customers and are very well aware of the important role it plays both in terms of sales and in building a better relationship with their customers. Studies show that 70% of companies that deliver excellent customer experience regularly use customer feedback […]

How smoove can help your customer retention efforts

Society is at a place of hyperconsumption, digital saturation and increased competition due to globalization. Given this fact, customer retention efforts in 2018 have to be more personalized and strategic than ever before in order to meet the new type of customer who is always hungry and connected to the next best product, even before […]

How To Win Back Lost Customers

The first step in winning back a lost customer is knowing how to define a lost customer. Most companies, especially those who operate online, define a lost customer as one who hasn’t interacted with the site or service in a given time period. It’s important to keep an eye on customer churn rate because it’s […]

How to engage your customers and stay on top of their mind

Businesses must evolve and adapt to changing customer expectations. One of the most powerful attributes of technology is that companies now can engage buyers in every phase of the purchase process. Marketing automation platforms make this task much easier, but we should never forget that every meaningful communication in this process requires a human touch […]

Deadly mistakes SMBs make that cause customer churn

Customer churn is not only a loss of clients or customers, but also their associated recurring revenue. This is one of the biggest problems companies face today. Losing existing customers also means spending more money on the acquisition of new ones, which altogether costs you money and time This happens mainly because marketers lack in […]