The marketing stepping into video era – are you in the loop?

The use of video in content marketing is on the rise. It’s definitely a trend that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Online video platforms are very powerful tools for doing your marketing in 2018. As a matter of fact – they have become a part of almost every successful content marketing strategy.

Video content is trending like never before

A recent study in the field revealed that, by 2021, 82% of user internet traffic will be video. Also knowing that 63% of businesses already use it in their marketing, we can undoubtedly say that video content marketing is one of the best additions to your promotional and sales efforts in the years to come!

Reports show that by adding an entertaining, informative and product-explaining video to your website, landing page and/or social media page, you can increase your sales by a remarkable 74%!

It also does wonders for conversions and keeps your existing customers on your website much longer than usual. This is mostly due to its audio visual element. It’s just much more appealing than a text or a photo.

Companies market and retain their customers via video content

Along with conversions of your prospects, video content marketing is very often used for boosting customer retention.

A formula for this one is also quite simple. Higher the engagement, higher the retention! Videos can be very engaging and therefore significantly increase customer loyalty to your brand.

This multimedia format stimulates emotions and many senses. That’s why it’s the best possible tool for storytelling – proven to be one of the most important elements of successful content marketing.

Your marketing videos should, of course, promote your brand and business. But never forget that they need to be interesting and/or helpful, too. Even a pretty dull ‘How to’ guide or a tutorial can be a true delight if turned into a video and shared with your customers via personalized email, landing page or social media.

Remember how popular all those YouTube videos are, reviewing and showing how to use a certain product?

It doesn’t hurt to mention that it also appeals to mobile users. Online services such as YouTube reported a huge rise in mobile video consumption (it rises more than 100% annually!). This is mostly due to the fact that the number of smartphone users is getting higher every single day.

Include videos in your landing pages and personalized emails via smoove

Now that you know what marketing’s hot topic is, it’s time to integrate it! Thanks to automation, we are now able to send the right video to the right customer at the right time. This is the ultimate goal of every marketer out there.

Smoove, the all-in-one marketing automation platform, enables you to automatically include videos in your marketing campaigns. Its core solutions such as email builder and landing page builder allow you to embed videos in your emails, newsletters, and landing pages.

Smoove’s simple drag and drop interface allow you to insert any YouTube video in your marketing offers and make them look more interesting, engaging and professional.

Wrap Up

If used correctly, video is one the best assets to your content marketing. Judging by its rising popularity, it will stay like this in the years to come. Video is proven to be more engaging and therefore more effective in increasing sales and customer loyalty than other means of content such as text and images.

With the help of marketing automation platforms such as smoove you can now integrate videos into your marketing offers in just a few seconds.

This will not only help you to stay up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing but also to automatically and timely send the right videos to the right customers.

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