Why smoove is the ideal marketing software for small businesses

Growing your small business can bear a number of challenges, especially when it comes to competing with other, much larger businesses in the specific industry. This practically means that small businesses need to be able to do more with less and get more leads and conversions with less money and personnel.

And this is exactly where marketing automation steps in.

Marketing automation allows you to generate more leads, convert more customers and build quality relationships with your target audience. It also saves time and allows business owners/marketers to focus on other tasks that need to be handled by a human.

The latter is crucial for your business, as one research showed that 53% of small business owners said that the most difficult part of their job is that they have to do multiple jobs on a daily basis. Best of all, marketing automation is cost-effective. The same source reported that, with the right marketing software in place, small business owners can save as much as $300 per day.

Marketing automation platforms such as smoove offer simple and intuitive marketing solutions which are easy to start with. This means that you can do all the work by yourself and your existing team of people instead of hiring an external team of marketing and/or IT experts.

Also, once you import your customer contacts and other necessary data into smoove, it begins to run automatically, allowing your team to collect other important data about your customers and design truly outstanding, data-backed marketing campaigns.

What smoove offers to small business owners

    • Access to insightful data

Ask yourself what do you know about your customers’ needs and interests? When are they ready to make a purchase? How can you provide them with the best customer experience and prevent them from leaving you for the competition?

With smoove, you can collect, organize and analyze your customer data and use this information to get a more comprehensive image of your ideal buyer persona, to design personalized marketing campaigns and provide the best customer experience.

    • More efficient lead generation and nurturing

Smoove enables you to generate the results of your marketing campaigns and clearly define the elements of high-performing nurture content. In short, after you see what makes your prospects convert more quickly, you can pay special attention to improve those elements and use them in your future marketing campaigns.

This is also how marketers can spot if there are any bottlenecks in the customer journey and improve the weak points of their marketing.

    • Ensured workflow efficiency

Small businesses crave for marketing automation mostly because they need more efficiency. With smoove you can cut costs and get more done wit,h less resources, but also ensure your workflow efficiency.

Preset, automated workflows enable you to deliver the right content and reach the right customer at the right time. Your only job is only to create the right content and set the conditions in which the workflow best serve your needs, and let smoove’s marketing automation tool do the rest.

How to grow your small business with smoove

Smoove is the all-in-one marketing automation platform which enables small businesses to grow with its 4 core solutions: marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, and landing page solutions. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

#1 Segmentation of customer database

Segmentation is the foundation of effective marketing automation. To make your communication with the prospects and customers relevant and personalized, you will need to segment your customer’s database and create different email lists for every group of customers you may have.

Smoove’s marketing automation tool enables you to import your contacts and create segmented email lists based on their interests, behavior, demographics or any other wanted criteria. Also, you can later easily add new contacts to any of these multiple lists.

Segmenting your customers with smoove helps you deliver right messages to the specific audience and design more effective marketing campaigns.

#2 Personalized emails

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective channels for marketing your small business. By automating your emails via smoove’s email marketing tool you can generate more leads, increase customer engagement with your brand and – sell more!

Smoove’s email builder enables you to automatically send out personalized emails to an individual customer or a list of segmented customers, create the automated email series for your drip campaigns, track the campaigns and use A/B testing tool to find out what content actually works for your customers.

#3 Customized landing pages

A landing page is a web page with a sole purpose of capturing visitor information through a web form. This is usually achieved by offering the visitor something useful and valuable in return, such as a product sample, eBook, discount and more.

But to save time while creating a top-notch landing page for your small business, you will need help from smoove’s landing page builder. It’s a simple and effective tool by which you can design, customize and publish landing pages by yourself.

Small business owners love building landing pages with smoove as it doesn’t require them to be experts either in design or in digital marketing.

#4 Easy to run smartphone/SMS campaigns

To move your marketing efforts to where your target customers are, you need to implement mobile and SMS campaigns in your small business marketing. With smoove’s automated text messaging you can reach your customers on their mobile phones, at any place and any time.

This simple tool enables you to send targeted and personalized texts to your contacts. It also allows users to subscribe to your offers via SMS and smartphone apps. With smoove, your mobile campaigns can be connected with SMS messaging so that users can receive your offers even if, at the moment, they’re not online.

Wrap Up

As an all-in-one automation tool which offers marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, and landing page solutions, smoove is an ideal tool for automating core marketing activities of every small business.

By implementing smoove in your marketing, you can get access to insightful customer data, generate more leads and ensure workflow efficiency while both saving time and money.

And last, but not least – smoove is quite easy to set and run, so don’t wait any longer and start automating your marketing today!

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