How the Renanim Mall upgraded its customers club using Smoove

How the Renanim Mall upgraded its customers club using smoove

One of the most exciting moments during the development of a technological product is reaching the moment where all those days and nights of forming a vision translate into one finished product, [with a certain name and personality]. At that moment, all the difficulties, failures, and stormy arguments that may have taken place are dwarfed in comparison to the new “baby”.

Since we launched Smoove we realized that there is an even more exciting moment. That moment is when our customers turn our vision into reality. That’s when we find ourselves acting like typical parents, who wish to hear all about their kids tearing up the sky.

This week we summoned Yaniv Dabash to a special “parents meeting”. Dabash is the owner of “Share-alot”, a digital marketing consulting firm that consults to such prominent clients as Ra’anana’s Renanim Mall, among many others.

Renanim Mall is a business and entertainment center located in Ra’anana’s industrial zone, that caters to over 500,000 people. The compound spreads over ten acres and houses more than 200 of the world’s leading businesses and brands.

“The Renanim Mall objective was to create a high level of engagement among its target clientele and to motivated them to frequent the mall,” explained Dabash.

“Before Smoove, it was difficult for us to manage the Customer’s Club. The main difficulty was the management of the contacts and the ability to segment the customers. Engaging them was another obstacle as we did not have a system that could track down their activities.”

“From a marketing standpoint the challenge was the creation of a coupon set that won’t only look good but will also be available and reliable at the same time. For us, the technological innovation was the ability to automatically send a new customer a text message with a singular coupon number. This allowed for tracking its redemption and preventing falsifications.”


So how did it actually work?

“We advertised the coupons and other benefits on social media (Facebook, Homepage) as well as around the mall. A customer that wished to receive the benefit was asked to send a text message to a virtual number, that acted as the Trigger to the automatic process within the system”.

“After sending the text, the customer was prompted to fill out a registration form with such details as her name, phone number, gender, date of birth, and address. One time we produced an event with goodie bags for newborns to all the new moms, who joined the club through the registration form.”

The Coupons and benefits that Dabash and Renanim Mall gave customers


How did you hear about Smoove?

“Smoove came to my attention thanks to the CEO of Getyou. His sales pitch couldn’t have come at a better time. Following our meeting and after I understood the system’s abilities, I compared it to other systems and reached the conclusion that at that point in time, Smoove had the ability to answer all our needs”.


How long did it take to execute your strategy through the system?

“From the moment I got the strategy approved to its execution it took approximately one month, mainly in order to collect coupons from the mall’s stores”.


Can you summarize the solutions given to Renanim Mall by Smoove?

“The system gave us several solutions:

  1. Advanced automatic processes that gave our campaign leverages.
  2. Precise tracking of our customers behavior and process though the system.
  3. An easy to use builder that allowed for beautifully designed landing pages.
  4. Coupons management including the redemption of a coupon and the updating of the data in a reliable manner.
  5. The ability to map leads through several media channels simultaneously.
  6. Easy tracking of registration and redemption. “


What types of feedback did you get from the customers or the management of the Mall?

“The mall management was very pleased with the process thus in 2017 it was set as one of the main marketing goals.

The results were excellent with a large quantity of new customers from the very first campaign, which led to many more campaigns afterwards.

We increased the number of customers in the club and their engagement. The abandonment percentage was low since we were able to track and follow up with those who did not complete their registration. Finally, the new data will be used by the mall for mailing and benefits with a higher level of relevancy in the future.”

We chose to finish on this high note and we have a feeling that this is just the beginning for the Renanim Mall and Dabash’s work with Smoove. The system’s management possibilities are nearly endless, from collection processes to customer service, and it can cater to large and small businesses alike.

We are left with the feeling that the “baby” is living up to its potential yet are still eager to hear from more happy customers. So, if you and your business had a good experience with our system we would love to hear from you.

After all, your success is also ours.


Smoove Team

Haim Balila
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