How to easily implement smoove in your marketing

Marketing automation is a powerful technology which provides marketers with a set of various online tools to manage their marketing. But without successful implementation, businesses are less likely to realize the full potential of these platforms.

Smoove’s all-in-one marketing automation platform enables marketers not only to create and execute great marketing campaigns but also to test and improve on them. They can use the intuitive and easy-to-use interface and various smart features which transform and simplify the way marketers nowadays interact with the buyers.

The platform enables businesses to grow with its four core solutions: marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, and landing page solutions – practically all that you need to run your digital marketing!

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But still, we have to keep in mind the following: It’s only as good as the implementation, process, and commitment behind it.

What is automation all about?

Building an automation process requires a complete understanding of the journey your prospects and customers are going through. It requires the creating of specific actions to execute your marketing campaigns. But before we go into details of the very process of automation, it’s important to remember that marketing automation largely depends on what you want to achieve.

Marketing automation platforms such as smoove can do wonders for your business and marketing, but only if you approach it and implement it the right way. So, in order to start automating your marketing, you will need to do one core task yourself: Clearly define your marketing goals.

Only after doing this, you’ll manage to successfully segment your customer’s database and direct the right marketing messages to the specific groups of targeted customers. In other words, this is how you can analyze the whole funnel and build the right digital assets (such as creating different email lists, personalized landing pages, email and SMS campaigns and more) for your campaigns.

Long story short – if you approach the automation strategically, you will be able to implement smoove’s marketing automation tools and features to their full capacity.

Implementing smoove in your marketing

Once you’ve done deciding on your marketing goals and collecting your customer’s emails, phone numbers, and other valuable information, it’s finally time to start automating.

As tempting as it is to immediately start using all of smoove’s exciting new tools and features, first take some time to read our guides and discover how the platform actually works.

After you log in, you’ll be greeted with the sight of our dashboard. It includes shortcuts for creating different email lists, email/SMS campaigns and landing pages, as well as our “Step by Step” tutorials and the “Walkthrough” guides for your future campaigns.

smoove tutorials

In addition to this, we’ve decided to take you on a short tour through its core features and its best solutions.

Email Marketing

Automated email campaigns enable you to send the right messages to the right groups of your customer at designated times. This is done by setting up your emails to be sent out when customers take specific actions (known as triggers).

smoove email marketing

Also, this is why automated emails are opened and clicked on more frequently and drive more actions from your customers.

Smoove’s email builder is a simple tool which literally requires ZERO experience to send out targeted and personalized emails and newsletters for each of your customers.

It enables you to create your own email template or choose from many email templates available. Then, you can personalize them with custom fields. With this feature, you can also include URLs and ZIP files in your email.

smoove email builder

Another great feature offered by smoove is the A/B testing. Test your emails with our A/B testing tool to improve your email performance and drive more engagement.

This simple tool enables you to make smart decisions by choosing between two options for the one that works best.

smoove a/b testing

Smoove’s email builder is also ideal for designing a perfectly structured and personalized newsletter. Its smart buttons and content features can help you target a specific audience within your newsletter, based on different data and criteria.

smoove newsletter

Marketing automation tool

By automating marketing tasks and processes via smoove, you can collect different kinds of data based on how your leads engage with your campaigns and content.

With our marketing automation tool, you can access many powerful features such as setting triggers, conditions, and actions for the automated marketing campaigns. It enables you to successfully conduct complex, multi-step campaigns and to automatically integrate your campaigns with social media such as Facebook.

smoove marketing automation

Smoove’s marketing automation tool has the power to transform your campaign into a delightful customer journey and strategically nurture your target audience.

It makes possible for any business to build a consistent brand presence on multiple channels such as email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. This helps customers recognize your brand easily and to connect to you via their preferred channel.

Landing page builder

With smoove’s landing page builder you can support your marketing campaigns and generate leads easier than ever. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface and pre-designed templates so that you can basically launch your landing pages in just a few minutes.

smoove landing page builder

Smoove’s landing page builder also enables you to easily add and remove various fields and buttons to your page, and create a customizable “Thank you” page to send to your visitors once they’ve completed the form.

smoove thank you page

Its templates can be adjusted, too. Upload your logo, background image or a video to it and create a landing page which truly represents your brand and products!

Automated text messages

SMS text messaging has the highest open rates of any marketing alternative. Considering the fact that nowadays almost everybody owns a mobile phone, you should use smoove’s automated text messages to reach the right customers and get more responses than ever.

smoove automated text messages

To add a sense of urgency to your campaign, you can include smoove’s countdown clock within the message. This interesting feature will make your customers take action before the offer expires as it has been proven as a great addition to SMS campaigns.

smoove sms

Smoove also offers you to integrate your SMS with your landing page. By adding a shortened URL to the mix, customers will be able to take action directly from the SMS. At the same time, you’ll keep the message short and sweet.

Wrap up

Smoove is a smart marketing automation platform specially designed for marketers who need a simple and all-in-one sales-boosting tool.

Its main features, email/SMS automation, marketing automation, and a smart landing page builder, help you personalize your marketing campaigns, maximize the conversions and moreover – establish a strong relationship with your customers.

Although quite easy to understand and use, smoove’s marketing automation platform will fully work in your favor if you commit enough time and effort to your marketing strategy and audience research.

Decide on your campaign goals, direct the marketing messages to the segmented lists of your target customers and let smoove do the rest!

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