How Techelet Media kicked off its customer base while cutting costs

Excerpt: Magazine distribution – “Techelet Media” Case Study.


Emailing a customer? Easy. Text message? Child play. Landing page? In my sleep with one hand tied behind my back.


The problem starts when all these communications need to be synchronized through one process. This may result in us finding ourselves focusing our time and resources on administrative tasks instead of spending more time on strategy.


“If I could only unburden myself from X and Y, my business would take off” – this sentence is often voiced by many business owners, especially small businesses, who lack the manpower to market their business, which leaves most of the duties to one or two people.


The following case study will introduce “Techelet Media” that managed to transform a cumbersome service experience into a pleasant one for half the time and less cost, thanks to Smoove’s new automation system.


To cut a long story short – this is what you can do with the smoove tool:


  • Execute administrative, marketing and service tasks automatically.
  • Define Triggers and Actions in advance, and tweak them, even during the process.
  • Integrate with external applications such as CRM, Zapier, social networks and many more.


The time saved will allow your employees to focus on the tasks for which they were trained. “Techelet Media” notiffied us that thanks to Smoove, its representatives are able to provide extremely better customer care.


About Techelet Media



“Techelet Media” is the largest magazine publisher in Israel with more than 20 magazines published every month. The company’s magazines reach over 250,000 subscribers and are sold in newsstands across the country. Among their publications are National Geographic, Traveler and Segula, to name a few.


The Need

Tchelet Media’s various products are published weekly, bi-weekly and monthly to tens of thousands of customers. With such a hefty volume it was difficult for Tchelet Media’s management to track the various shipments and confirm whether a subscriber received his/her magazine or not. The only way was to simply call him/her, a task that required time and manpower.


One of their previous solutions, which was unsuccessful, was to provide a magnet with the upcoming publication dates, that would remind the customer to send a text message in case he/she did not receive his/her magazine. Should that occur, the Customer Service department were supposed to call back to such customer in order to address the problem.


The Solution

The solution was the creation of an automatic process with Triggers and Actions. Once the distribution company notifies “Techelet Media” that all magazines were distributed (Trigger) the following text message (Action) is sent to the customers: “The distribution is completed. Please text 1 if you received the magazine. Otherwise text 2”.


Once the customer confirms receipt (condition) it automatically updates a dedicated database within the system, as well as the company’s CRM (integration).


If the customer does not confirm receipt (condition) she receives an automatic text that states: “Thank you for your message. The matter will be handled within the next 72 hours.”. Simultaneously, a notice with the customer’s information is being sent to the distribution company.


A follow up text is sent to the customer after one business day asking to confirm receipt. If, once again, the magazine did not reach its destination, a harsh mail is sent to the distribution manager, while simultaneously the customer receives another notification that the matter is being handled.


The result

Time saving: The implementation of the system took less than a week, and the time that it now takes to handle issues on behalf of the customer became significantly shorter.


Manpower: The workload of the customer service department was reduced significantly. The cost of the system and its implementation was much cheaper than hiring additional representatives. In the case of Techelet Media saving in manpower reached 150%, which allowed each representative to have more time for other customer care tasks that were previously pushed back.


Improvement of service: The company’s management received positive feedback from the customers, who complimented them for the change.


The Bottom Line

The more we familiarize ourselves with the abilities of the automatic tool available for us, the more we realize it can optimize any routine task that requires time and resources.


Marketing automation allows a marketer to focus on the more important tasks and free himself from the time consuming activities. A good automatic tool is measured by its ability to combine strategy, content and integration with outside systems under one roof.


All these and much more is available with Smoove.
Which of your daily routine tasks would you like to automate?  

How to run more than 50 events a year with thousands of participants online


DNA is a company that specializes in the organization and production of pregnancy & maternity conferences. Each year it runs approximately 50 nationwide conferences for its audience, giving them information about such subjects as breastfeeding, safety, maternity and more, as well as special deals and promotions.

Until now the registration process was conducted online, while telephone representatives followed up with those who signed up. In addition the verification of her contact information, the customer recieved offers for various maternity products and benefits.


The Problem

The problem with this process was that the registration, which was done through the landing page, was not synchronized with the CRM system, thus manual modifications and file uploading were required. Moreover, the promotional benefits offered to the customers were done over the phone through the call center. Finally, the process lacked an organized procedure of reminders and RSVPs.

The time that elapsed from the moment of registration to the telephone call from the representative “cooled” the customer and made the sale of the benefit extremely difficult.

Another issue faced by DNA was the customers’ check in process during the conference. Since the check in process was done in person, customers had to wait in line, something that uncomfortable and at times chaotic.

This is why DNA seeked an automatic solution that would shorten the above detailed process.


The Solution

The creation of an automatic process through smoove’s automation system with an integration  to Salesforce.


The Smoove Process

The process encopasses two stages:

  1. Conference registration – The automatic process was initiated by the registration through the landing page, which was promoted on social networks, along with the location, date, time and schedule of the upcoming conference.  

Those who registered received an automatic mail a week before the conference, with a friendly reminder along with the conference’s schedule.

The day before the conference the customer received another text message with a reminder and schedule, as well as an encouragement to attend. Each such message included a link to WAZE with the address of the venue.

During the day of the event, registered customers received a text that instructed them to reply with the word “conference” in order to receive a digital ticket straight to their smartphones. At the entrance to the conference a large sign was placed with instructions to those who have yet to register, instructing them to text the word “conference” to a virtual number. A customer who had not registered in advance recieved a short registration form followed by a digital ticket

The day after the conference each customer received a text message with a link to a short feedback survey.


  1. The Deal purchase process:

Following the registration through the landing page the customer received a text message and an email with the offered promotions.

As you can see above, the email gives two options: purchase through a representative or make an independent online purchase.

A customer that had chosen the first option (sales representative) then received a confirmation text. Her contact information was automatically submitted to the company’s salesforce team, thanks to smoove’s new application – Zapier. This app allows for the integration of more than 500 various systems and applications such as Google, Facebook, V.I. Plus and the list is long. Zapier can be added to any process.

What happened when a customer abandoned the benefit purchase process?

In DNA’s case such customer’s contact information was automatically transferred to Salesforce and a sales representative contacted her within a few hours. Such lead is more focused with a higher level of readiness to make a purchase.

After 48 hours the contact information of customers, who had not purchase the Similac kit or given their details to a representative, or initiated a purchase, was automatically submitted to the CRM in order for the call center to initiate a telephone call with them.

A customer, who had made an online purchase received a confirmation text message with the delivery information.


The Result

  • Higher sale rates of the benefit package – the sales representatives got leads of clients with a higher level of “readiness”.
    • Customers who abandoned their cart
    • Customers who left their contact information for a sales representative.
    • Customers who merely signed up for the conference.
  • Manpower savings – Other than the sales representatives who contacted the above customers, the entire process was done automatically through only few clicks.
  • A better customer service experience – The customers were offered various purchase options throughout the process, reminders and direction, and on the day of the conference were not required to wait in line.
  • Time savings – The system operates automatically throughout the day so it can register several customers simultaneously and independently from the hours of operation of the call center.
  • Better systems synchronization – in the case of DNA the added value was the option to update the customer’s contact information in two independent systems at the same time, thanks to the implementation of Zapier.

What tasks would you like to transfer to the automatic route?