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Landing page essentials and practices

Nowadays, every marketer knows how important landing pages are, especially if the main goal of their marketing campaign is to convert more prospects into customers. The sole purpose of a landing page is to capture your visitors’ information by offering them something useful and valuable in return, such as product sample, discount, free consult or […]

5 huge no-nos for your marketing automation efforts

So far, we’ve all heard about the power of marketing automation and how effective it is if implemented properly. By automating your marketing you can achieve various marketing goals. You can also monitor your campaigns and deliver truly remarkable offers tailored exactly to your customer needs. On the other hand, much less is said related […]

Three automation tools that will make your life MUCH easier

Marketing automation platforms nowadays offer numerous different tools and solutions to make your life easier, and not only when speaking of automation itself. Along with the growing number of social media users and smartphone owners, the process of automation has had to change. In short, marketing automation in 2018 is not only about designing and […]

How to generate leads for your SMB

Customers are a vital element of any business and every company out here is on the constant lookout to expand their customer database. Therefore, growing your business requires an access to a steady stream of sales leads – customers that have an interest in the products or services you’re selling. But in recent years, the […]

How to easily implement smoove in your marketing

Marketing automation is a powerful technology which provides marketers with a set of various online tools to manage their marketing. But without successful implementation, businesses are less likely to realize the full potential of these platforms. Smoove’s all-in-one marketing automation platform enables marketers not only to create and execute great marketing campaigns but also to […]

What smoove offers that others don’t

Marketers understand the fact that marketing automation revolutionized the way businesses do digital marketing. Today, top performing businesses of all the sizes implement marketing automation. They do it to increase revenue, improve customer experience and to track and improve their marketing activities in general. Recently published statistics revealed that 67% of market leaders use automated […]

How marketing automation can help you personalize your marketing

If you’re looking for a way to attract, convert, and retain customers, marketing automation offers a seamless customer experience for mass audiences that can still feel personalized. Like all marketing communication, the message should serve the customer’s needs rather than cause distraction or irritation, which means there’s a certain amount of information that’s needed beforehand […]