5 huge no-nos for your marketing automation efforts

So far, we’ve all heard about the power of marketing automation and how effective it is if implemented properly. By automating your marketing you can achieve various marketing goals. You can also monitor your campaigns and deliver truly remarkable offers tailored exactly to your customer needs.

On the other hand, much less is said related to what we SHOULDN’T do when automating our marketing tasks.

So, let’s find out more about it.

Forgetting automation

It’s 2018 and automating your marketing has become almost an imperative. Companies of all sizes use it to attract, convert and retain as many customers as possible. At the same time, they’re trying to use fewer resources than they’ve ever imagined.

By using advanced online automation platforms such as smoove, you can save your time and money. Also, you can collect valuable data about the customers and the past campaigns.

Once you start automating your marketing tasks, make sure you’re doing it the right way. This means segmenting your audience, creating multiple email lists and automating each and every task possible.

With smoove, this is now easier than ever. Its core features, marketing automation, landing pages, and email/SMS marketing are basically all that you need to start automating your marketing today!

Treating every contact as a lead

Not each and every one of your contacts is ready to buy from you as soon as they land on your website. Some of them are there to get more information about your products and services. Others, to, for example, compare your prices with those offered by the competition. To make this experience a delight, you will need to optimize your website, including newsletters and landing pages, to display properly across devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Also, you will need to have comprehensive info about your products and a clearly visible contact section. Nowadays, more and more businesses are using chatbots – perfect tools for starting communication with your future customers.

But this is not where your job ends.

Segment your prospect and existing customer data into different lists. Design strategic marketing campaigns according to the stage of the buying process they’re in. Take some time to create content that each of these groups may find both useful and interesting. Make sure you offer some incentives which can speed up the conversions.

Using only emails

Despite emails being the cheapest and most common way to reach customers, never underestimate the power of other marketing channels. In short, use SMS, landing pages, and social media marketing as well.

SMS messaging enables you to reach your customers via strategic and personalized offers anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t require a lot of time, it’s concise and short, and brings clear and valuable information to your customers. These are mostly sale announcements, temporary discounts, loyalty rewards or delivery details – all the things your customer will love and appreciate.

Connect your SMS campaigns with your mobile landing pages and get new leads easier than ever. Also, post regularly on your company’s social media, engage in conversation with your customers and answer their questions. It’s 2018 and great customer experience is THE thing we should strive for.

Ignoring segmentation

We said this a few times before but it doesn’t hurt to repeat – automation has little sense without segmentation of your customer’s database. Without segmenting and targeting your audience, your marketing campaigns can easily go the wrong way.

Segmentation is usually done just after defining your campaign goals as this is the best way to direct the right messages to the right customers.

Marketing automation largely depends on what your goals are, how you plan to achieve them and who is your audience. When approached strategically, marketing automation can really do wonders for your business.

Creating low-valued content

High-quality content will not only increase your sales, but it will also help you position yourself as an industry leader and a somebody who really cares for their customers.

Pay attention to the content of your newsletter and landing pages, and not only in terms of diverse and interesting copy. Matching colors, your company logo and optimization are also very important for building your brand.

And last but not the least – run a blog! A blog is a great asset to your website and helps you not only sell more, but also to establish yourself as an industry expert and somebody who truly cares for their customer’s needs.

Wrap Up

Marketing automation is a powerful technology which enables marketers to easily set and run data-driven marketing campaigns. This doesn’t mean we should take it for granted and expect great results just from the get-go. We need to pay close attention to segmenting our audience and creating content suitable to their needs and expectations.

We should also never forget that automated email marketing, however cheap and effective it may be, it’s not the only marketing channel we should use. There are equally important SMS and social media marketing which are both used to reach more customers and to increase the revenue.

By paying attention to the advice given above, your marketing automation will give the best results and bring you more customers than ever!

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