How Azrieli Group smooved its customer club base with thousands of new customers

The digital distribution of discount coupons to Sia’s concert – the Azrieli Group Case Study   The Smoove automation system is up and running featuring many marketing activities that up until recently required time and resources from marketing managers. Quite a few campaigns are already active gaining more goals in less time, but just as […]

6 organizational processes that can be transferred to the automatic route.

Some believe that Lead Nurturing is the only process that can be maximized by automatic marketing. While the automatic process affects the relationship with the customer and increases the chances of conversion by 10% according to a report by Forrester, this is definitely not its only advantages. Automatic processes can also improve customer service, collection […]

Lead the customer YOUR way OR How to UPSCALE your business the right way

Every basic marketing plan begins with the identification of the the target audience, its needs, behavior, and where you cross paths. The goal is to tailor the message as well as the media that deliver it to such audience. Another goal that stems from the marketing strategy is to close the gap between the current […]

How to utilize video in your marketing strategy?

After the video “killed” the radio stars this medium continued to slay and be the number one marketing tool, especially when it comes to Marketing Automation. Yet like the old saying goes, ‘lets talk numbers” shall we? Video mailing gets 2-3 times more clicks than regular mailing. Landing pages with videos convert 80% more than […]

How the Renanim Mall upgraded its customers club using Smoove

One of the most exciting moments during the development of a technological product is reaching the moment where all those days and nights of forming a vision translate into one finished product, [with a certain name and personality]. At that moment, all the difficulties, failures, and stormy arguments that may have taken place are dwarfed […]

How Techelet Media Kicked Off its Customer Base while Cutting Costs

Excerpt: Magazine distribution – “Techelet Media” Case Study.   Emailing a customer? Easy. Text message? Child play. Landing page? In my sleep with one hand tied behind my back.   The problem starts when all these communications need to be synchronized through one process. This may result in us finding ourselves focusing our time and […]

How to run more than 50 events a year with thousands of participants online

Background   DNA is a company that specializes in the organization and production of pregnancy & maternity conferences. Each year it runs approximately 50 nationwide conferences for its audience, giving them information about such subjects as breastfeeding, safety, maternity and more, as well as special deals and promotions.   Until now the registration process was […]

How to start working with Marketing Automation (and what the heck is it?)

I have a feeling that whoever said “less is more” was not familiar with the term “Marketing Automation.” The need to manage various marketing processes at the same time, brought about the development of new systems and tools that enable smarter marketing management strategies that is automated. This means that every business, big as small, […]

Smoove and Cardcom expand their partnership!

Sometimes a product purchase page acts as a landing page, where the product is available to buy via a credit card payment system such as Cardcom, with which we partnered. We are thrilled to announce a new integration between Smoove and Cardcom. From this day forward every Smoove and Cardcom customer can: Crosscheck with ease […]