How to Turn Your Customers’ Birthdays and Special Events into a Retention Opportunity

Source: Unsplash There are many ways to turn an ordinary day into a special event, and then utilize it for your retention strategy. For starters, everyone has a birthday, and you can celebrate the day for your business’ advantage. A report by Experian found that when compared to mass-promotional emails, birthday and anniversary messages were […]

How to Maintain Customer Loyalty in a Competitive Landscape

In a saturated retail landscape, it quite literally pays to stand out and build strong relationships with your customers to develop and maintain customer loyalty. When your products and prices are on par with the rest of your competition, what tools can you use to set yourself apart? 1. Your Brand: It’s A Story With […]

Digital marketing solutions that’ll help you retain customers

The ability to convert a customer more than once while only paying a single acquisition cost is a crucial aspect to maintaining a successful business, and it’s made possible with retention marketing and digital marketing solutions. The use of digital technology tools such as automation, remarketing and personalised emails, help marketers reach their target audience […]

Here’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of customer loyalty

Most discussions about the importance of customer loyalty today usually revolve around the cost of customer acquisition and how much money businesses can save if they keep their current customers. However, there are many other ways businesses can benefit from customer loyalty. Some aren’t as popular or as discussed but they are still very much […]

5 top customer retention strategies for SMBs

Everyone knows customer retention plays a pivotal role in the success of a business, big or small. Reports in the field show that a 5% boost in customer retention could generate up to a 95% increase in company’s profitability. Existing customers are also 50% more likely to try new products from the same company and […]

How to Avoid Customer Churn in your SMB

Nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes…and customer churn. But, how do you know how much churn is too much churn? In the retail sector (for products without subscriptions), an average churn rate is 5-7%. It’s important to make sure that your churn number is calculated annually rather than monthly. This is because […]

Customer support hacks that will turn customers to ambassadors

“Word of Mouth” is a powerful marketing strategy, but it doesn’t happen on its own. Marketers can’t sit around and wait for their customers to recommend their businesses just like that. It may sometimes happen ‘out of nowhere’, but without providing the right customer experience and rewarding them for their loyalty, even your most frequent […]

How to turn one-time buyers into customers

Some businesses have their sights locked on new customer acquisition so hard, that they overlook the customers they already have. Experienced marketers often highlight that this is one the most common mistakes businesses do nowadays. According to research, 32% percent of your first-time customers will buy from you again. But that’s not the end of […]

The benefits of loyalty programs for SMBs

Many businesses, and especially SMBs, are very aware of the importance of retaining their loyal customers. A good loyalty program is one of the oldest, and best strategy to accomplish this goal. With one already in place how often do stop and check or even rethink our customer loyalty strategy and update it to keep […]

How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch Using smoove

Are you wondering how to attract more visitors, and more importantly, how to turn them into your customers? If that’s the case, the tool you’ve been looking for is the landing page. Essentially a web page, it has a sole purpose of capturing a visitor’s information through a lead form. This is done by offering […]